cop-side-aboutIn too many cities and towns across America there is a conspicuous trend — a precipitous drop in public school enrollment despite a rapid influx of low-income students. In many places, a long period of deindustrialization has ripped a gaping wound in the economy. Other locales have grown so quickly, job opportunities have been unable to keep up.

But many places are prepared to fight for the city and its people. And that may not be as noble as it sounds, for those in these cities realize that looking away is only an option if you don’t care about the inevitable decline of vibrancy and quality of life.

The cities can be big or they can be small. Or somewhere in between. Their solutions can be unique to their environments. And it can start small while planning and hoping to become big. But one key to success is taking the first step toward preparing for better opportunities and outcomes for the youth of the cities. That is the glue that binds us.

These are the Cities of Promise.