State of Alaska


cop-side-alaskaThe largest state in the United States, Alaska is the least densely populated of the 50 United States. And on a clear day folks on the island of Big Diomede (a Russian territory) and those on the island of Little Diomede (part of the U.S.) can see each other’s land. They are about two-and-a-half miles apart. But few people live out there. In fact, about half of the state’s residents live in the Anchorage metropolitan area. While the state’s economy is dominated by the oil, natural gas and fishing industries, folks in the “Lower 48” are fascinated with the way of life in Alaska. Both films and television shows are set in Alaska (but not always filmed there, such as the show Northern Exposure, which was taped in Washington State). But the rugged nature of the fishing industry — in particular the chase for the king crab — was featured by the Discovery Channel in the documentary series Deadliest Catch. The dangers include freezing temperatures, stormy seas, heavy lifting and little rest. The hub of these operations is Dutch Harbor, a port city in the Aleutian Islands.

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