Saranac, Michigan


cop-side-saranac-michiganThe Village of Saranac — which had only 1,325 residents in the 2010 census — was founded 30 miles east of Grand Rapids in 1836. But the village grew 21 years later when the Grand Trunk Railroad came through town on the Detroit-Milwaukee line.

Saranac became a shipping center as local products could now reach populous destinations. In 1907, the Grand Trunk Western depot was constructed with its unique Witches Hat style.

Now, if Grand Trunk Railroad sounds familiar, it’s because of a rock group from Flint, Mich., that became famous in the 1970s. Grand Funk Railroad sold out New York City’s Shea Stadium in 72 hours in 1971, breaking a sales record established by the Beatles.

Back in Saranac, the depot, which sits along the Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Rail Trail, is home to the Boston-Saranac Historical Association.