Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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cop-side-milwaukeePerhaps best known for its brewing traditions, Milwaukee has a number of distinct immigrant populations. But none more notable than its German population, which populated the area in the 1800s in search of inexpensive farmland. Still today the City hosts two major events — German Fest in July and Oktoberfest in October. There was a time when Milwuakee had a tavern for every 40 residents, but now only one major brewery — Miller — remains. But the story remains positive for Milwaukee as the 2010 census indicated a 1.3 percent population increase, the first jump for Wisconsin’s largest city since 1960. The city has been progressive with its business culture and now ranks fifth in Fortune 500 companies in relation to population. It has also been attracting a large number of financial service firms. The city is also working on the Milwaukee Wireless Initiative which would give it a wireless municipal network.

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