MATC Promise


cop-side-matc-promiseheadsup-logoThe MATC Promise, which provides free college education for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements, was launched by the Milwaukee Area Technical College in September 2015.

MATC President Vicki Martin asked the school’s Foundation to launch a $1 million campaign for scholarships — the group’s first-ever capital campaign — shortly after she became president a year ago.

She then proposed the MATC Promise to the board of directors and the Foundation after attending a session about the Tennessee Promise at a community college association convention in April.

“Our students come here and say, ‘I wasn’t successful in high school. I’m a first-generation college student, but I’ve got to support my family,’” Martin said. “When you see the confidence they gain after they’re here, when you see where they come from, it’s what motivates all of us. … How great would it be to get even more folks who didn’t think they’d get to college, to come here?”

MATC will pay the tuition and fees, after federal and state financial aid has been applied, for eligible students for four consecutive semesters.

While enrolled, students will need to maintain full-time status and a 2.0 GPA while participating in service learning projects as well as academic success and career planning workshops.