State of Minnesota


cop-side-state-minnesotaKnown as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota is known for its high rates of civic participation and voter turnout, which also leads to an odd collection of politicians. That includes a former governor who was previously a well-known professional wrestler.

But while the lakes are a focus of tourist brochures, nearly 60 percent of the residents live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, which encompasses Minneapolis and St. Paul. The region is the 13th-largest — in terms of population — in the United States.

And aside for an undying passion for ice hockey, Minnesotans are often identifiable because of their accent, which was popularized in the Coen Brothers’ movie Fargo. Although it must be said that locals didn’t take too kindly to the accent and dialect.

Those who venture out of Minnesota still hear that they sound like the people in Fargo, which is called “Minnesota Friendly,” because of the high-pitched inquisitive tone used to engage with others.

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