Mortar Bored?

During preparations for the program pages on this site, it couldn’t be ignored. Not just a recurring theme, but a ubiquitous presence on the organizational logos. The mortar board (and usually its hanging or swinging sidekick tassel) makes an appearance on half of the official Promise program logos. Other types of collegiate imagery — such as books, rolled diplomas and ribbon seals — are far behind the graduation cap.

As a service to Promise programs to follow (or those re-branding), we are soliciting alternatives to the mortar board. Maybe a bubble test, a lecture hall or an alarm clock won’t convey the excitement of graduation. And perhaps images that are sleep-, pizza- or beverage-themed won’t convey a proper message.

A framed diploma? A college identification card? Pillars? Maybe a graduation gown? A backpack with a “U” on it? Please go ahead and make a suggestion in the comments. Graphic designers will surely appreciate it.