2 thoughts on “Cities Of Promise Town Hall Live

  1. I have been very modivated by the panel and the need for better outreach to SERVE all our children to have access to a better education. I have retired to Charlotte, NC, and I have been here for 1-year and I am very concerned about the deterioration of the CMS School District; and the sudden resignation of the Superintendent who had been recruited here less then 2-years ago from Nevada. I would be very interested in assisting in whatever way possible to address the Charlotte recruitment and payment for highter education to those who qualify but can not afford to pay.


    • Hello Alice,

      Thank you for commenting today. I wanted to share with you that these Promise programs often begin with a single motivated individual. New Haven Promise recently hosted PromiseNet, a conference for the nation’s place-based scholarships, and a couple from Akron, Ohio, came to learn so that they could gather the necessary support to do this in their town.

      This website was built to showcase the Promise movement and the variety of programs (Promise programs are like snowflakes, no two are completely alike!). The hope is that people could find and share the initiative, be it a business executive who has the wherewithal to address a need or a citizen who takes the idea to a local school board meeting.

      We are finishing off the links and write-ups about the programming and there will be a lot to share in the next few days!

      Best wishes,

      Brett Hoover
      Cities of Promise


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