Where Do I Send My Resume?


The Palau Promise is coming to Micronesia and if it needs an Executive Director, I’m in.

The aim of the program is to limit the nation’s reliance on foreign workers (darn it) by producing a highly trained local workforce. And the intended result would also improve the quality of life for Palauan youth.

Cost is seen as a significant reason that many able students don’t go to Palau Community College, so the Office of the President has partnered with the college, the Ministry of Education, the Palau National Scholarship Board and the Office of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to create this tuition-free two-year initiative. The expectation is that 80 percent of graduating students in 2016 and 2017 will enroll. They will need to maintain a 2.0 GPA to keep the scholarship.

In addition, students will be both mentored and tracked to assure program success.

Palau, the setting for one of the seasons in the Survivor television series, lies about midway between the Philippines and Guam and has about 21,000 residents.

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