Higher Learning


In November voters in the Mile High City will decide on a ballot measure to place a small addition to the city’s sales tax. If passed, the city will have $10 million annually specifically designed to help city students pay for college.

Two hours to the south, in Pueblo County, there is another tax on the ballot which would be for the benefit of young college students — a marijuana excise tax that would be levied in the transaction between the cultivation entity and the store.

When county commissioners met a month ago to determine whether to put the measure to voters, local retail marijuana growers showed up… to voice support!

“Contrary to popular belief we definitely do want to see a positive impact from our industry in the community,” said Richard Quessel of the Southern Colorado Growers Association, “and we feel this is a great responsible way to write that up.”

Under the plan detailed by Commissioner Sal Pace, a successful vote would create $3.5 million a year by 2010 and half of that would go toward a scholarship fund that would help defray college expenses for county graduates who attended either Colorado State University-Pueblo or Pueblo Community College.

Pace has said that the proposal is intended to “give Pueblo kids a boost.”

We can think of a few snarky names — be it the Pot Promise, the Ganga Guarantee, Pact 420 or the Cannabis Commitment — but we are more interested in seeing if this passes and what it will mean for other places.

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