New York, New York

cop-side-new-yorkNew York is the undisputed economic and cultural capital of the United States and, perhaps, the world. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Wall Street, from the Flatiron District to the steps of Columbia University, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the hallowed Yankee Stadium, New York is at the forefront of major initiatives in art, commerce, fashion, research, architecture, education, and much more. It is the most populous locale in the country, mostly due to a mass influx of immigrants in the late nineteenth century, which has also made New York the most diverse city worldwide. As Frank Sinatra once sang, “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.” Hal Goldstein, a former chief operating officer at Lehman Brothers International, is working to establish STEM-focused NYCPromise, which will be an “educational program designed to make a college education both accessible and affordable to New York City high school graduates. When fully operational it will provide funding equal to the tuition at CUNY colleges (net of other scholarships or grants) for use at any university, college, community college or vocational school. It provides as well grants to cover books and additional expenses.”

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