Daralee and Tom Ghinder

pnet-bio-ghinder-dLong-time city residents, Daralee and Tom have raised their two children in Akron where they were educated in the public schools and now attend the University of Akron and The Ohio State University.  Daralee has been active in the schools in various roles, including positions in the PTA, and tutoring and mentoring students. Daralee currently acts as a volunteer reading tutor at Case Elementary School in Akron.

pnet-bio-ghinder-tTom is an executive with a small consulting company and has spent his career analyzing data and systems for large corporations. Tom has also been involved in various activities within the schools and currently participates as a volunteer math tutor for second graders at Case Elementary School. They are involved in bringing a Promise program to Akron through their joint interest in education and their community.