Dr. Jennifer Iriti

Iriti-JenniferAs a Research Associate and Co-Director of the Evaluation for Learning Group at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research & Development Center, Iriti designs, manages, and conducts evaluations of education programs and organizations in PK-16 settings. She has been providing evaluation and program development expertise for education-related organizations for more than 15 years and specializes in supporting organizations in defining the purpose of their work, how they expect to get there, and collecting performance data that will allow both mid-course corrections and summative evaluation of outcomes attainment.

She is currently leading evaluation studies and development projects related to the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program, the Institute for Learning, Reading is FUNdamental and the Allegheny County Library Association’s Librarians as STEM Educators program. In the past, Iriti has led studies of Pittsburgh-area education programs and organizations such as the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ (PPS) Summer Dreamers Academy, the Be A 6th-Grade Mentor, PPS Education Equity Planning and the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project. In addition to her evaluation work, Iriti is a Faculty Fellow of the Center on Urban Education, an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Learning Sciences Program, and often teaches courses in the fields of education and evaluation.

Iriti received her doctoral degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology with a minor in Research Methodology and a certificate in Interdisciplinary Policy and Evaluation at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003.