Jerilyn Dinsmoor

Dinsmoor-JerilynDinsmoor — the Executive Director of La Crosse Promise for the last year — oversees a unique mission to provide private sector solutions to strengthen the community and improve the quality of life for all citizens through a strong commitment to education.

The La Crosse Promise is working on a program that hopes to incentivize families to build homes in the struggling neighborhoods of the city to improve the areas of greatest need and looks to reverse the trend of declining enrollment in the school district.

This work is a passion for Dinsmoor, who has led numerous service trips for high school students, teaching them about poverty, urban decline and other issues. She has also taught diversity and social justice courses at La Crosse’s Viterbo University.

Early in her career, she served as the Executive Director of La Crosse’s Pump House Regional Center for the Arts, leading the organization through a decade of tremendous growth. She also worked as a consultant for non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin, specializing in board development, strategic planning and public relations.

Dinsmoor recently completed a Master of Arts Degree from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, where she studied the link between creativity and spirituality.