10,000 Degrees


cop-logo-10000-degreesThe mission of 10,000 Degrees is to achieve educational equity, and support students with need to access and complete higher education to positively impact their communities and the world.

From the 10,000 Degrees website: “The transformation from student-in-need to college graduate is inspirational to witness. But it doesn’t happen nearly enough. Too many kids in too many marginalized communities still have no one who believes in their potential. We all lose out. No one implants the idea of a college degree, becomes their mentor, helps them research and apply to colleges, provides them with financial aid, or delivers the emotional support they need to persevere and earn their degree. That’s the work we do.”

The first endowed scholarships were established with Community Foundation Sonoma County in 1988. Since that time, Community Foundation Sonoma County has awarded well over $3.5 million to worthy Sonoma County post-secondary, graduate and professional degree seeking students.

Oscar-nominated actress Sharon Stone attended a recent fundraiser and left impressed. “What’s better than helping kids get more education?” she asked. “What I particularly like about 10,000 Degrees is students aren’t required to have a particular grade point to qualify. However, they must sign an agreement, promising to keep their grades up.”

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