21st Century Scholars


cop-logo-21st-centuryIn exchange for upholding the 21st Century pledge to succeed in school and life, Scholars receive up to four years of tuition at an eligible Indiana college or university. Since the 21st Century Scholars Program began in 1990, more than 57,000 Hoosier students have received more than $347 million in state financial aid dollars. Scholars who are currently enrolled in college or who have graduated can continue to give back to the program by serving as Scholar Ambassadors. To qualify, students must graduate from a state-accredited high school with a minimum of a Core 40 diploma, a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5, a clean record of behavior and a complete application for FAFSA. Scholars who demonstrate financial need will receive up to full tuition. For students attending a four-year college (public or private), the full tuition amount is comparable to tuition at a four-year public college. Amounts may be adjusted based on the availability of funds and each family’s expected contribution. The program has averaged about 12,000 students per year, but the Classes of 2015 and 2016 may double that.

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