American Dream Scholarship


cop-logo-miami-dadeheadsup-logoLaunched in 2011, Miami Dade College — the largest institution of higher education in America, serving more than 170,000 students on eight campuses — is making the dream of higher education a reality for South Florida students through its American Dream Scholarship.

Through this program, the College covers the in-state portion of tuition for two years of courses (60 college-level credits) for all Miami-Dade high school graduates who qualify. The scholarship covers only in-state tuition and eligible class fees remaining after all other scholarships, financial aid, grants and other funds have been applied.

To receive the American Dream Scholarship, students must reside in Miami-Dade County and have earned a standard high school diploma in the county with a cumulative high school weighted GPA of at least 3.00. They also must meet minimum test scores on approved standardized tests, completed a FAFSA application and take a full-time course load.

Made possible by the generosity of members of the greater Miami community, the Scholarship was established during the celebration of MDC’s 50th anniversary as the community broke all records for philanthropic giving. In the creation of this avenue of possibility for students, the benefactors recognized the importance of the quality of education available at Miami Dade College.

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