Fulfillment Fund

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cop-logo-fulfillmentThe Fulfillment Fund empower students through education, transforming individual lives, and creating a ripple effect through the entire community. Through classroom instruction, mentoring, one-on-one college counseling and experiential learning opportunities, the Fund opens young people’s eyes to the possibility of higher education and change their beliefs about what they are capable of achieving in its mission is to make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically underresourced communities.

During the 2012-13 academic year, the Fulfillment Fund dispersed $371,250 in direct scholarships and stipends while Fulfillment Fund staff negotiated an additional $3.8 million in financial aid for students. That year, Fulfillment staff conducted 2,232 one-on-one college and financial aid counseling sessions.

Said Jahvry Bailous, a 2013 graduate of Temple University, now pursuing a master’s degree in education at California State University, Fullerton — ”The Fulfillment Fund is more than field trips, it is more than college readiness, and it is more than scholarships. It is a voice, a loud voice, that shouts, ‘You have what it takes.’”

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