GC Promise Scholarship



In July 2015, Grove City officials voted to set aside $250,000 annually to keep its students invested in the community with the establishment of the Grove City Higher Education Investment Program.

That program will fund the GC Promise Scholarship, a forgivable loan of up to $3,000 per year for a student living within the corporation limits of Grove City who attends an accredited higher-education program within the city.

The scholarship requires students to reside within the city for three years after taking their last course, perform at least three volunteer hours to Keep Grove City Beautiful or VIP program each semester and maintain a C average. Students failing to meet the criteria must pay back the scholarship in full.

“We must both keep and support existing students and attract newly educated people,” said City Council President Ted Berry said. “If Grove City does not become more aggressive, it will stay idle or lose ground in the future economy.”

Unsurprisingly, both David Harrison, the president of Columbus State Community College, and Lenee Pezzano, president of Harrison College’s Grove City campus, were enthusiastic supporters of the decision.