La Crosse Promise


cop-logo-la-crosse-promiseLa Crosse Promise is working to economically transform the region by positioning the City of La Crosse as an education-focused community by maximizing the number of students attending college or vocational school upon high school graduation. This not only develops the workforce in the region, but statistics show that education-minded communities experience decreased crime, better health, more stable families and increased civic participation.

What makes the La Crosse Promise stand out is that it has designed a method of attracting conscientious, education-minded, success-driven homebuyers to the City by providing scholarships to families who construct new homes in targeted neighborhoods. This will not only reverse the decades-long trend of declining enrollment in the School District of La  Crosse, but also rejuvenate the City. A multi-faceted solution is needed to revitalize the most struggling neighborhoods, but a key component is to provide an infusion of families who are committed to and understand the importance of post-secondary education.

The ultimate goal is to provide a place-based scholarship program to all students living in the district who meet the requirements of the program. Future centers designed to advise, guide and direct students toward higher educational goals will offer more assistance to an increasing number of students in pursuit of a higher education.

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