Northport Promise


cop-logo-northportSince 2007 The Northport Promise has been raising money for scholarships for graduates of Northport High School and in just seven years it has privately awarded nearly $200,000 to 45 students.

The generous residents of the communities of Northport and Omena, local civic organizations and current and retired educators who have given generously to the cause, purchasing raffle tickets, donating to and attending Promise garage sales and craft fairs. That kind of service and commitment to the community also lives inside the selected Scholars, who not only were required to serve as a component of selection, they continue to serve the community while in college. That’s all part of the social contract for the Northport Promise Scholars.

“Receiving a scholarship from the Promise was a constant reminder that hard work and perseverance pays off,” said Ryan Blessing, a member of that first Promise Class of 2008.

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