Saginaw Promise


cop-logo-saginaw-promiseThe Saginaw Promise is designed to serve as a catalyst for economic development by retaining and attracting families and business to the region. The Promise is a post-secondary scholarship for all qualifying students who reside and attend school within the boundaries of the Saginaw school district.

This Promise — to which Magic Johnson donated more than $100,000 in 2013 — combines private and public sector dollars to establish a scholarship to fund a maximum of $2,727 per year for a two-year degree and up to $8,000 per year of a four-year degree program at a public or private university, accredited trade or vocational school in Michigan. The Saginaw Promise is intended to be a “last dollar” scholarship, used to cover tuition and other mantory fees not covered by federal, state, private, or other grants or scholarships.

The Saginaw Promise will transform and infuse the community as an economic stimulus initiative while cultivating higher education for children through a scholarship program.

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