Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara


cop-logo-scholarship-santa-barbaraThe Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara — founded in 1962 — is the largest community-based scholarship program in the United States. The goal is to inspire, encourage and support Santa Barbara County students in their pursuit of college, graduate and vocational school education through financial aid advising and the granting of scholarships, which mostly range from $500 to $5,000 per academic year, with average award amounts of $2,500 at a four-year college and $1,500 at a two-year college.

In the last two years, the Foundation has doled out more than $17 million on 5,600 scholarships. Next year the all-time disbursements will top 40,000 scholars and $100 million.

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara does more than award scholarships, it also advises students and families on affording college and reaches out to encourage students who have been underserved. To be eligible, there are enrollment requirements as well as residency standards.

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