The Great River Promise Scholarship

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cop-logo-great-river-promiseheadsup-logoThe Great River Promise Scholarship, which covers tuition and mandatory fees to Arkansas Northeastern College, is awarded to Mississippi County and Buffalo Island Central graduating seniors who earn their high school diploma, attend four years at a Mississippi County high school, achieve 95 percent attendance throughout high school, and have no drug or alcohol offenses. Students receiving ample aid from other sources will not be eligible for Promise funds. The scholarship pays current in-county tuition and mandatory fees for a total of 64 semester hours or completion of the required credits in any program having a total hour requirement greater than 64. The scholarship will be continued for a maximum period of three years, providing the recipient makes satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, remains continuously enrolled. If the student transfers to another institution prior to completing degree work at ANC, the scholarship will not be offered during future enrollment periods. The scholarship must be initiated during the immediate summer, fall, or spring term following high school graduation.

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