This Is What Change Looks Like


The Promise movement has hit the big time. President Obama is announcing his college affordability program — dubbed America’s College Promise — today in Tennessee and he expects to address it in his State of the Union speech later this month.

The plan sounds very similar to the programs that have been benefitting students in places like Kalamazoo, Pittsburgh, Denver, New Haven, El Dorado, Buffalo and on and on. Students must reach generous eligibility standards to qualify and maintain a level of success to keep the scholarship. Continue reading

A German Promise?

Since 1985, the cost of going to college in the U.S. has soared by more than 500 percent and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. That increase? It’s twice the increase of medical cost, three times the increase of gas prices and four times the increase of the cost of shelter. (If you want to see what this has meant at your favorite school, follow this sad link to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s recent tuition study.)

So where can a young person — especially one without a local Promise program — turn for relief? Perhaps Germany? France? Maybe Brazil? Continue reading