New Promised Lands


Among the truly wonderful things about the Promise movement is its never-ending array of spinoffs. Cities of Promise has been focused on places where high school students from a specific region are granted college affordability, but there are other interesting college-based programs which aren’t tied to geographic economic development.

Two examples of this are the APSU Promise in Clarksville, Tenn., and the Miami Promise in Oxford, Ohio. Continue reading

The Ping Pong Of Promise?

By Patricia Melton

It made so much sense at the time. As state lotteries emerged, particularly in the South, lawmakers tied educational incentives to the proceeds in an effort to change persistently low numbers of post-secondary degree attainment — and with it, the fortunes of the state’s economy.

cop-logo-georgia-hopeAnd for quite a while, it worked. More and more students performed better, thus increasing in-state enrollment. In Georgia, where Gov. Zell Miller’s HOPE Scholarship helped voters pass the state lottery into law in 1992, the percentage of college-degree holders jumped from 19 percent to 28 percent in 20 years. Continue reading

White House Summit To Have Promise

New Haven Promise Executive Director Patricia Melton will be participating in the White House’s College Opportunity Day of Action on Thursday with more than 300 university presidents and other leaders launching new initiatives to open university doors to more students.

“I am thrilled to get this opportunity, through our amazing partnership with Yale University and on behalf of New Haven Promise, to participate in this White House Summit and to learn and share new initiatives that came from the first Day of Action back in January,” said Melton. “When President Salovey reported that Promise received a shout out at the first Summit, it created excitement in our Promise community. Now we close out the year with a first-hand visit.” Continue reading