“Generations To Come”


The anonymous donors who’ve thus far funneled $66 million to the recipients of the Kalamazoo Promise had not made a public statement in the 10 years of the program… until now.

In a 10th anniversary event held at Bronson Park in Kalamazoo, Dr. Janice Brown — the only person to admit that she knows the funders — read a statement from them:

To the Kalamazoo Promise community:

On the 10th anniversary of The Kalamazoo Promise, it is our pleasure and privilege to send a message of thanks and commitment to you today.

The annual report of The Kalamazoo Promise is, in reality, a success and a challenge report. To all of us, the report identifies and celebrates the substantial growth in college admissions as well as commencement rates for The Kalamazoo Promise scholars. It’s interesting and validating to know that the initial class at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine includes a Kalamazoo Promise student.

The report also identifies challenges that remain to ensure that access to post-secondary education results in even greater graduation rates among those Kalamazoo Promise scholars who apply for and are admitted to post-secondary education. The Kalamazoo Promise not only created an opportunity for students but also a challenge and therefore an opportunity for our community.

As donors, we are pleased and grateful for all in our community who have shared and labored in the opportunity to increase the preparedness of students for post-secondary education. The investment we have made  in students has paid off in positively changed lives. Graduates are modeling scholarship, discipline and sacrifice for future generations of Promise scholars.

As donors, we are humbled and proud to commit that we will be with you for generations to come. Let me repeat that: We will be with you for generations to come. With grateful hearts, we offer our very best regards as we celebrate this historic anniversary. Thank you.

The donors.

White House Summit To Have Promise

New Haven Promise Executive Director Patricia Melton will be participating in the White House’s College Opportunity Day of Action on Thursday with more than 300 university presidents and other leaders launching new initiatives to open university doors to more students.

“I am thrilled to get this opportunity, through our amazing partnership with Yale University and on behalf of New Haven Promise, to participate in this White House Summit and to learn and share new initiatives that came from the first Day of Action back in January,” said Melton. “When President Salovey reported that Promise received a shout out at the first Summit, it created excitement in our Promise community. Now we close out the year with a first-hand visit.” Continue reading