Promise Pending In Providence

GoLocalProv — a news outlet dedicated to covering Providence, R.I. — reports that a Rhode Island businessman is exploring a Promise-type program for the state’s capital. Richard Lappin, co-owner of Regency Plaza, LLC, and president of LISCO Development, has started a program, A Door to the Future, which hopes to entice families to move to and remain in the Providence schools, attract businesses looking for a qualified, educated workforce, and improve Providence Public Schools by helping to motivate students who may currently believe that post-secondary education is financially out of their reach.

The plan — which calls for a minimal long-term investments from both parents and students to allow the model to become self-sustaining — allows students to attend eligible colleges or technical schools anywhere in the United States. As Lappin continues to secure initial funding, he hopes to begin enrolling the first students next fall. The program would give New England its third Promise program, joining New Haven Promise and Hartford Promise, both in Connecticut.

Lauri Lee, the education expert at GoLocalPro, also mentioned New Haven Promise, the Kalamazoo Promise and even our own Cities of Promise, complete with a link to our state-by-state listing of Promise programs (which has grown to 57 local and nine state initiatives in 30 states).

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