Cal Grants


cop-logo-cal-grantCalifornia’s approach to tackling college affordability is the Cal Grant, which can award recipients up to $12,000 a year at any qualifying college, university or career or technical school in California. There are differing Cal Grants, some of which cover room, board and even books. There are a set of rules that include family income and asset maximums, academic performance minimums and the completion of the FAFSA application. “When I look at the Cal Grant Program, I look at its ability to change lives the way it did mine,” said Diana Fuentes-Michel, the Executive Director for the California Student Aid Commission in Sacramento. “As the oldest sibling in a Latino family, a Cal Grant made it easier for me to talk with my family about the possibility of going to college.” Recently state legislators approved a tax incentive program aimed at bolster the Cal Grant B program — which is particularly aimed to assist low-income students — and officials predict it could double or triple the average award in the next few years. Of course, that program could receive further scrutiny moving forward.

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