Is Promise The Face Of The Future?

pnet-act-faceSession 5B:
Is Promise The Face of the Future?

3:20 pm on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Omni New Haven Hotel — Temple

Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Yale University

Dr. Martin Estey, Executive Director, Hartford Consortium for Higher Education
Wayne Locust, Vice President for Enrollment Planning & Management, University of Connecticut
Kim Mazzuca, President & CEO, 10,000 Degrees
Patricia Melton, Executive Director, New Haven Promise

As the demographic characteristics of America changes, so too does the face of the U.S. college student. The industry of placing minority, low-income and first-generation students into elite universities will soon be overtaken by a wave of diversity that will challenge the traditional structure of higher education. Which universities will emerge as innovative leaders in this environment? What will it take to ensure that its entire student population has an opportunity to thrive after graduation? Can Promise programs give universities a chance to develop ground-breaking strategies for success? And what would those universities do to fully realize Promises’ potential?